Friday, 29 June 2012

Sports and Energy drinks may cause damage to teeth

Thousands years ago, the choice was simple.when it came to drink - there was no choice ,it was water or nothing.

Today we live in different world.every year about 100 beverages come out into the market,targeting raising income and our innate fondness for anything sweet.and they're changing they way we get our nutrients.

Study released from the Academy of general dentistry says that SPORTS & ENERGY DRINKS can cause irreversible damage to teeth.moreover they are rich in calories,but drink dont make us feel full the way food does. we keep consuming them and end up with a calorie intake overall.

According to ACADEMY OF GENERAL DENTISTRY ,the acidity levels were tested by immersing an actual tooth in these drink for 15 minutes at a time.the process was repeated 4 times over 5 days and the results were overwhelmingly clear.Researchers found that damage to the tooth enamel was evident after just 5days and the affects were more severe when the test was done with energy drinks alone.

Another study conducted by AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION ,published their findings in journal that energy intake, the nutrient content and any health benefits (or drawbacks) of a range of popular drinks and ranked them from best to worst.

1.Rinse out your mouth with water or chew some sugar-free gum after having energy drinks. This rebalances the pH level in your mouth to counteract the acid. Don’t brush for a while after drinking—your enamel is still soft and brushing can damage it even more.

2.Drink sports drinks before you get dehydrated, not after. That way, you’ll have the saliva you need to protect your teeth.

3.Drink it all at once. Your mouth takes time to recover after each sip, so drinking continuously prevents teeth from regaining their protection.

4.Stick to healthier options when NOT working out. Sports drinks are meant to rehydrate and replenish when you’re working out hard. So, if you’re just “active”, consider alternatives like water or electrolyte drops in water.

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