Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How Does Smoking affects Dental and Oral Health?

How Does Smoking affects Dental and Oral Health
Smoking is not merely associated with lung cancer and heart disease, it also damages state of the mouth. Smoking raises the risks of tooth loss, but more importantly, it is the main cause of throat and oral cancers.

Although smoking and chewing tobacco doesn't increase the risk of having cavities, it may do a lot of harm to the gums and also other parts of the mouth:
Stains in teeth due to smoking
How Does Smoking affects Dental and Oral Health
  • The potential risk of loss of tooth in smokers is twice more than in non-smokers.
  •  Smoking is the main cause of throat and oral cancers and pre cancerous condition. 
  • Smoking increases periodontal disease (gum disease). In fact, according to the Journal of Periodontology, smokers are about four times more likely than people who have never smoked, to have advanced periodontal disease. 
  • Black hairy tongue
  • Smoking may cause inflammation in the salivary glands.
  •  Smoking delays healing after tooth extraction and may lead to a temporary and painful condition known as dry socket.
  •  Smokers have less success with periodontal treatments and dental implants.
  • Smoking is a major source of halitosis (bad breath)
  • The loss of taste and smell can be caused by smoking and chewing tobacco.
Plaque and tarter Build Up
  •  Smoking stains teeth reducing the aesthetics of a smile. 
  • Tobacco use can cause black hairy tongue, which refers to growths on the tongue, making it look hairy and turning it yellow, green, brown or black.
  •  Smoking might produce constant plaque and tartar build up.

Recommendations for smokers


  2. Maintain a thorough oral hygiene plan by regularly brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and tongue cleaner, and by having regular professional cleanings at the dentist's office. 
  3. Have regular checkups with the dentist in order to verify the state of the gums and make sure no oral cancer is developing.
Self examination of your mouth
  • Check for any sores around the face, neck or mouth that do not heal within two weeks.
  • Check for frequent bleeding in the mouth.
  • Check for white, red or dark patches on the cheeks, palate, tongue, or under the tongue; if such lesions do not disappear after two weeks, have them checked by a dentist.
  • Check for swellings, lumps or bumps on the lips, gums, or other areas in the mouth.
  • Notice any numbness, pain or loss of feeling in any area of the mouth.
  • Check for inability to open your mouth


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  2. Many people know that consumption of tobacco products and smoking are major risk factors of oral cancer. But they never try to quit smoking. Last month when I consulted with a dentist in New York for regular dental checkup he explained how smoking could be the cause of periodontal disease, tooth loss and oral cancer. From your post I came to know a few more risk factors of smoking. Thanks for the informative post.

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